Jerrahi Order of California

Regular Schedule

Address: 3644 Hoover Street, Redwood City, CA 94063. Exit Marsh off the 101 Freeway. Phone: 1 (650) 364-1699

Meeting days and times are as follows (times vary throughout the year, following the prayer times):

Saturday, our main meeting day, 7:30 pm. Families are welcome.

Friday, Juma’ prayers, 1:30 pm.

Wednesday, Mesk, 7:30 pm. Days and times for Mesk vary, so please call to confirm before coming.

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Fridays:  Juma’ prayers are at 1:30 pm.  It usually lasts for about an hour until approx. 2:30 pm. If time and work obligations allow it, tea is served afterwards.

Saturdays: are our main meeting day. Depending on our meeting time, we pray Salat-ul- ‘Asr (afternoon prayer) and/or Salat-ul-Maghrib (evening prayer) and have dinner together (families are welcome). This is followed by  a sohbet (discourse), given by our Sheikh Ragip Frager, which lasts for approximately 45 minutes. This is followed by Salat-ul-‘Isha (night prayers), and the evening culminates with Dhikrullah (ceremony of remembrance of God). We usually finish before midnight.

Wednesdays: Mesk literally means practice; this is an evening where ilahis (hymns of sacred sufi music) are sung, mostly in Turkish, and when the musicians practice the musical aspect for the ceremony of Dhikr. A short session of Dhikrullah closes the evening. Days and times for Mesk vary, so please call to confirm before attending mesk, or for any further information: 1 (408) 656-4461 mobile.