Weekly Schedule

Due to Covid-19, our meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Regular meeting days and times are as follows (times vary throughout the year, following the prayer times):

Saturday, 7:00 pm: Our main meeting day.  Families are welcome. Depending on our meeting time, we pray Salat-ul- ‘Asr (afternoon prayer) and/or Salat-ul-Maghrib (evening prayer) and have dinner together (families are welcome). This is followed by  a sohbet (discourse), given by our Sheikh Ragip Frager, which lasts for approximately 45 minutes. This is followed by Salat-ul-‘Isha (night prayers), and the evening culminates with Dhikrullah (ceremony of remembrance of God). We usually finish before midnight.

Friday, 12:30 pm: Juma’ prayers.

Wednesday, 7:30 pm: Mesk literally means practice; this is an evening where ilahis (hymns of sacred sufi music) are sung, mostly in Turkish, and when the musicians practice the musical aspect for the ceremony of Dhikr. A short session of Dhikrullah closes the evening. Days and times for Mesk vary, so please call to confirm before attending mesk, or for any further information.

For questions please call or email:

(650) 364-1699